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Here are a list of the most common questions we get asked by people wishing to take the Transport Manager CPC course to qualify for their professional certification.

If you have other questions which haven't been answered below, please don't hesitate to contact us & we'll be more than happy to help.

Do I need existing qualifications to sit the CPC exams?

There are no minimum examination entry requirements. Our youngest student 16yrs, 2mths and oldest 74yrs and 5mths. Legal age ‘capacity’ to practice as a Transport Manager starts at 18yrs.

Is it hard to pass the Transport Managers CPC exams?

This is a level 3 vocational qualification. Literacy and numeracy at NVQ 2 equivalent are suggested as an advantage by the awarding body,

However there is plenty of evidence that application (operational) and worldly knowledge will be of benefit, although we find that ‘blank-canvas’ learner' perform well and are unburdened by the confusion of ‘transport café law’ – a condition affecting many across our industry.

There is a programme of concentrated reading required outside of class time during the course, 

How many examinations do I need to pass to qualify for a CPC?

There are two examinations.


Currently these are paper based conducted at approved centres and at a fixed national time, under invigilated conditions.

Multiple-choice – A 60mark ‘short question’ format paper. Questions provide an A, B, C or D answer (distractor) format and a notional forty-two marks will achieve a pass. A maximum of 2hours* is available. This is a ‘closed-book’ test, with only a pencil, blank piece of paper, calculator and dictionary permitted.

Case study – A 60mark paper that presents a case study with 6 to 8 questions. A notional thirty marks should achieve a pass. A maximum of 2hrs 15mins* is available. This is an ‘open-book’ test, allowing the entrant to have ‘hard-copy’ notes and study materials with them.

*Those with evidenced learning needs or disability may ask for addition time, question reader or scribe.

"What Customers Say..."

Kevin Plews

" Dave gave an excellent Transport Managers refresher course, it was nice to have someone with experience of what he was talking about and covered about everything in a pleasant and interesting way. "

Andrew Stephens

" What a top bloke dave is with a wealth of experience in the haulage business, and excellent teacher thanks for getting me through my transport managers CPC dave "

Gerwyn Davies

" Excellent Trainer. a very personal experience. "

What if I fail either or both examinations?

Qualification is gained when both examinations receive a ‘PASS’ grade.


Results are issued to our Centre by the Awarding Body, seven weeks after each examination series.

Grades will be issued in writing via email including a Pass or Fail, number of marks gained, number of marks required.

For case study only - We can, within ten working days of results being issued (and at cost) request a copy of the answer paper. Transportwise will then analyse performance, comparing it to The Chief Examiners Report and providing advice to the Entrant.  NOTE: A re-marking ‘appeal’ process does exists if necessary/appropriate.

The Awarding Body provide a maximum of three years between a pass of one and for re-sit with a pass grade for the other.

How long does the Transport Manager CPC qualification remain valid?

This is a qualification that does not expire.


However, the Traffic Commissioner will consider a dormant ‘unused’ qualification to need an update after about 3years. Transportwise are authorised to deliver Transport Manager Refresher courses.

This statement assumes that the Transport Manager remains compliant.

What is the definition of ‘Professionally Competent Person’?

In this context, a professionally competent person, will be a qualified Transport Manager ‘in practice’ and considered to be the custodian of processes and procedures to ensure compliance.


Quite simply put, the Transport Manager will be in ‘continuous and effective control’

Does this Certificate of Professional Competence qualification cover National or International journeys?

If qualified in and since March 2013, all qualified Transport Managers can enter practice in either national, international or both operations.


It is no longer an option to qualify for National operations only, however those who achieved the National Operations only ‘legacy’ qualification, can continue to be in practice.

What is ‘hire or reward’?

When a person undertakes to perform a chargeable or rewarded haulage service for another person. 

What is an operator licence?

Granted and authority issued (held) to the entity which sought (applied for) an operator licence.


Unless the named Transport Manager is/was the applicant, then they are NOT the operator licence holder.

Can I be a Transport Manager for more than one operator?

Yes, according to EU legislation EU1071/2009 a qualified Transport Manager can be appointed to no more than four separate operator licences, or a total authorised vehicle count of fifty across the operators, to which they are appointed. Whichever maximum occurs first.

This facilitates a legal opportunity to qualified Transport Managers to enter contracts, often referred to as ‘external’ Transport Managers.

Other Transport Manager Courses & Services

Transport Manager


Transportwise are an approved examination centre for Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) qualifications, and deliver preparatory classroom-based courses.

Other Training

Transportwise delivers exclusive (max 6), or inclusive (as published) one-day courses. Suited to non-transport Director's, Senior Manager's or transport department staff 

Transport Manager


Transportwise are authorised to deliver certified two-day refresher training courses to qualified Transport Manager's.

Presented online to classes of up to 6 candidates, via Zoom and scheduled six-weekly 


Transportwise offer a range of consultation, advice and audit solutions to goods vehicle Operator's and Transport Manager's.

Operator Licence Awareness Training (OLAT)

Transportwise are  authorised to deliver OLAT training courses (one-day). OLAT course's are normally presented online, via Zoom and scheduled up on request

Professional Representation

Transportwise provide goods vehicle Operator's with preparation, delegated authority and representation with applications for, changes to and defence of an operator licence.


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